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Finally, here’s a boppin’ nifty fifties musical that steps away from the world of malt shops and sock hops!  Peggy Sue (Madi McGraw) used to be the best of the street racers, but now her aspirations run toward college.  Trying to keep her old gearhead friends away from the new preppy crowd she hangs out with at the record store where she works is hard for Peggy Sue.  But that’s just the start of her troubles!  Her sister, Betty Lou (Alex Phillips), has followed in her footsteps as a street racer but ends up owing bookie Daytona Bob a heap of money when she loses a race for him.  Daytona Bob (Jared Torp) makes a new bet — Peggy Sue must race for him.  If she wins, he’ll let Betty Lou off the hook.  But if she loses, Peggy Sue can give up her hopes of college because she’ll be racing for him for a whole year!  Peggy Sue hates this bet, but she has no choice but to agree to it in order to save her sister.  Besides, Peggy Sue has never lost a race.  Neither girl, though, anticipates just how nasty Daytona Bob and his grease monkey henchmen can play.  The night before the big race, they sabotage Peggy Sue’s car to guarantee she’ll lose and have to answer to Daytona Bob for a year!  In the end, by enlisting the help of both her old gearhead friends and her new preppy friends, they create a car that brings Peggy Sue to victory!

Peggy Sue Maddie McGraw
Betty Lou Alex Phillips
Sherrif Stone Sierra Trisler
Deputy Dillon Ellie Everts
Jenkins Graham Johnson
Momma Mo Micah Springer
Daytona Bob Jared Torp
Peyton Emma Manship
Nigel/Nora Bridgette Mobley
Biffy Katie Cruise
Jack Dustin Wagner
Velocity Gracie Peters
Turbo Rachel Jones
Booster Camden Peters
Portia Jordyn Fouts
Melanie Mobley *
Edsel Jackson Cross
Castrol Jamison Snyder
Penz Monica Malvera
Quaker Hannah Jones
Hi-Tone Amelia Walters
Waxx Jackson Cross
Flair Skylar Rathz
Vickie Ellie Everts
Butcher Jamison Snyder