Fine Arts

2017 – Princess Whatshername

With a classic fairy-tale setting, loads of exciting and hilarious roles to play, a variety of entertaining musical numbers and a plot full of mystery and adventure, this show has it all!  It begins in the Misty Forest, where a girl is sleeping all alone.  But when she wakes, nothing looks familiar to her.  She can’t remember anything — not where she’s from, how she got here or even her own name!  She embarks on a journey to discover her identity and meets several fairy-tale characters along the way — Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella and Rapunzel to name a few.  Some are helpful, some are dangerous and some are just plain weird, but all have information to help our young girl eventually realize her true identity as a princess.  As with any good fairy tale, there’s also a prince!  He’s desperate to find the princess, but he’s always one step behind and inadvertently rescues and wins the hearts of all the wrong princesses!  


Princess Delanie
Prince Reveille Noah
Goldilocks Dory
Steward Kelsi
Queen of the North Chloe
Rumpelstiltskin Zach
Rapunzel Maddy M
Snow White Megan
Hansel Micah
Gretel Amelia
Cinderella McKenna
Herald Janell
King of the South Charles
Forest Witch Maddy W
Hippie Ruth
Fairy Godmother Liv
Queen of the West Katherine
Giddy Kayla
Rowdy Lindsay
Whiny Eve
Tiny Bear Mason
Nurse Maggie
Queen of the South Allison
Flighty Ellie
Good Fairy Ellie
Big Bear Charles
Evil Fairy Maggie
Good Fairy Allison
Good Fairy Amelia
Guilty Janell
Bear Katherine
Nosy Kelsi
Prince Swavay Mason
Prince Adonis Micah
Prince Hercules Zach
Wicked Witch Maggie