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Theatre Patron Program
“Supporting and Celebrating the Theatre Artists of Tomorrow”

The Greenwood Christian Theatre Program-cordially invites you to become a sponsor of their Theatre Patron Program. Your annual sponsorship will support the continued excellence of the Theatre Program at GCA. We invite families as well as businesses to become our sponsors.

The funds donated in the past have helped the theatre department to purchase, tools, and provide professional set, sound, and costume design for our productions.

This year, with our two productions we need your help more than ever! We are in need of funds to cover the cost of costumes, set pieces, professional sound design, program and poster printing. We would like to provide the best artistic and technical support possible to help our students shine on stage and behind the scenes. We hope that you will join us in supporting and celebrating the artists of tomorrow!

Kindly complete the form below and return it with your tax-deductible donation to Greenwood Christian. Your name and patronage will appear in our performance programs throughout the school year.

$500 and above Angel (10 free ticket passes for the mainstage shows)
$200+ Producer (4 free ticket passes for the mainstage shows)
$100+ Director (2 free ticket passes for the mainstage shows)
$50 Stage Manager
$25 Actor
$5 Cameo

Theater Patron Program