Fine Arts

2016 – The Wild Wild Wildest West

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Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep your patrons rollin’…  in the aisles with laughter, that is!  Yup, pardners, here’s a hilarious musical spoof of many of Hollywood’s Westerns featuring a toe-tappin’, heel-clickin’ score by Bill Francoeur!  Slick and wealthy Richard Coldheart (“Oh, that’s Rich!”) must marry Polly Wanda Cracker to control the Cracker property.  However, it’s Polly’s homely sister, Prunella, who wants to marry him!  Meanwhile, our hero, Sheriff Wayne John, has his hands full surviving the hilarious antics of well-meaning but not-too-bright Deputy Doowrong.  When a bundle of villains, including Snydley Dastardly, Kid Kid and Calamity Jan, attempts to take over Low Humidity Chasm (Aren’t you sick and tired of Westerns taking place in Dry Gulch Canyon?), things really go crazy!  Your audience will have to pay close attention to whether Schizophrenic Kid is wearing his white hat or his black hat to know whether to cheer or boo.  But Blacker Bonnie will leave no doubt in their minds, for he’s even meaner than Black Bonnie.  With a narrator to keep the characters on stage in line, this wild and wooly Western will bring down the house!  

Sherrif John Wayne Elijah O’Dell
Rich Coldheart Noah Apgar
Deputy Doowrong Garrett Wright
Bo Best Daniel Mangan
Schizophrenic Kid Jillian McCabe
Calamity Jan Hannah Farley
Sydney Dastardley Drew Graves
Cowboy Bob Skratchit Zach Knauss
April Rose O’Neal
Sasparila Sal Holly Overton
Polly Wanda Cracker Alyssa Elmore
Black Bonnie Hannah Hatfield
Kid Kid McKennah Clayborn
Blacker Bonnie Rachel Lewchanin
Widow Cracker Delaney Dillard
Prunella Cracker Izzy Reed
Belle Starr Livia Lytle
The Lone Stranger Michael Bray
Reverend Right Ben Huffman
Narrator Maddie Wood
August Chloe Grider
June Olivia Booth
May Dory O’Dell