Fine Arts

Thespians Point System

The Official Greenwood Christian Academy Honor Thespian Point System


Thespian Honor Rank Summary
(see the Thespian Troupe Handbook for details)
Thespian points earned Thespian rank Honor may be signified by…
10 Thespian Thespian induction. Membership certificate and induction pin awarded.
20-50 1 to 4-star Thespian 1 Chevron added for each year of Service.
60 Honor Thespian
(5-star Thespian)
Paper honor bar added to membership certificate. Honor Thespian Letter. (Honor Stole at graduation)
120 National Honor Thespian
(11-star Thespian)
National Honor Thespian guard replaces Honor Thespian guard. National Honor Thespian Letter.
130-170 12 to 16-star Thespian One pint star added for each additional 10 points earned.
180 International Honor Thespian
(17-star Thespian)
International Honor Thespian pin replaces National Honor Thespian guard. International Honor Thespian Letter.