Fine Arts

Tech Theater

(Press play for  a fast forward version of one of our complete musical productions of backstage wizardry)


Technical Theatre is an opportunity for students to explore themselves in art and art in themselves.  The course focuses on stagecraft, costuming, makeup, lighting, and sound that are all the foundations for technical theatre.  The beginning technicians will learn to interpret and execute a theatrical designer’s plans, much like a beginning actor learns how to interpret and execute a playwright’s script.  Through projects and work on Mainstage productions, students gain the confidence and technique needed to become a skilled technician. Students will be required to participate in technical work, rehearsals, and/or performances beyond the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom.

Course Description:

Technical Theatre class will introduce the first year technician to the areas of stagecraft and theatrical production. You will climb ladders, build (with proper power tool training), paint, work online, research, work with makeup, move set pieces and handle very expensive equipment in this class. The theatre elements to which you will be introduced will include, but are not limited to:

Stage elements Stage properties (props) Crews/Assignments
Theatre appreciation Costumes/Makeup Sound Engineering/Recording
Lights and Lighting Design Safety Box Office/Ticket Sales
Stage Management Scene Design Publicity



Classroom Procedure:

  • Our class will meet in the theatre unless you are otherwise informed.
  • You must have a pair of closed‐toe shoes available at all times!
  • All equipment and personnel are to be treated with respect.
  • Sample weekly Schedule (18 weeks)


• Daily Class Participation (Classwork can be hands‐on OR written)
• After School Gigs and Theatre Events (you will sign up for these, the number depends on how many gigs there
are in any given 9‐weeks)
• Maintain a 3‐ring binder with 5‐tab dividers and bring it to class every day.  It will contain:

o The Syllabus (on top)
o Tab 1: Your personal calendar
o Tab 2: Notes/Handouts
o Tab 3: Homework/Projects
o Tab 4: Gig Writeups/Reflections
o Tab 5: Tests/Quizzes

“Gig” Procedure:

  1. Arrive at least 45 minutes before “showtime”, wearing your Shirt.
  2. Introduce yourself to the person for whom you are working.
  3. Finalize setup for the event.
  4. Be helpful and courteous during the event.
  5. Cleanup after the event.

How to do Well in Theatre Tech class:

• Attend class and be willing to get involved.  If you attend class but are habitually ill prepared to participate in
the discussions or are lethargic and lazy towards your work, it will adversely affect your grade.  This class is all
about being a team and being a family.  If you are missing (whether physically or mentally) our team cannot
function properly.
• Do well on the proficiency tests and attend the gigs you sign up for.  If you are having trouble, please talk with
me. Theatre is a discipline that holds promptness as a virtue. Donʹt be late with anything!
• Show off. Itʹs not enough that the light goes on in your brain; you have to demonstrate your knowledge, skills,
and ideas. Demand perfection from yourself and don’t settle for less. Leon prides itself on our productions and
our technical elements. You are now a vital part of this family.

You can access your grades anytime to see where you stand.  Grades are based on:

• Projects– 10%
• Homework/Classwork – 20%
• Gigs – 35%
• Tests/Quizzes/Proficiencies – 35%
***a “Proficiency” is a one‐on‐one evaluation with the student and teacher.  The student shows the teacher
they can perform a technical task (e.g., setting up a microphone).  These are not “pop‐quizzes”.    The student will know
well in advance when they will be tested on a subject.