Fine Arts

2011- The Usuals

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the usuals written by Kevin Jackson

“The Usuals!” follows a young Midwestern rock band that makes it big with their debut album. The five band members (Velvet, Whit, Page, Tom and Kramer) have spent their lives pursuing glory, money and power. When they obtain all three, they struggle to maintain balance in their lives and find that glory, money and power do not solve all of their problems…they only seem to create more. Only Whit is willing to voice her discontent with the band’s new life, recognizing the void that remains unfilled.

While The Usuals are rising to fame, a feisty young woman named Elaine is struggling with her purpose in life, attempting to maintain her passion as she becomes bogged down in committee meetings and the hypocrisy and indifference of some of the board members. When Elaine wins a radio contest and gets to meet The Usuals after a concert, she crosses paths with Whit and shares her faith in Jesus. “The Usuals!” tells the story of what can happen when people are willing to step out in their faith and allow God to work fully in their lives.


Whit Bekah Slagle
Elaine Meredith Schellin
Velvet Wren Hardwick
Kennedy Wendy Brown
Tom Jeremy Holden
Page Paige  Williams
David Prescott  Broscoe
T-Bone Rick Davenport
Joan Kierra Weber
Red Megan Ruggles
Rosie Stephanie McQueen
Mal Vanessa Van
Stephanie Jessica Pence
Ish Eli Vida
Kramer Jon Maurer
Kris Funk Drew Swearingen
Funky Kris Jacob Richards
Video Director Michael Hodson
Ryan Zach Jones
Ch 1 Callie Shehorn
Ch2 Wes Williams
Ch3 Ashlynne Keller
Fan1 Kathryn Grissom
Fan2 Allie Russell
Fan3 Kelly Eby
Fan 4 McKenzie Burton
Fan 5 Jacob Richards
Fan 6 Drew Swearingen