Fine Arts

2010 – Metaphasia

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You loved how fantasy characters faced reality in the movie Enchanted.  Just the opposite happens in this unique and contemporary version of the Brothers Grimm’s Twelve Dancing Princesses.  When young Angie Anderson keeps finding worn out shoes scattered about her room every morning, she decides to look into the mystery…  causing her to be magically sucked into her closet!  Angie’s intrusion into the fantasy world of Metaphasia has caused the Fantasy Walls to start crumbling, so Howie, her little brother, follows her with hopes of saving her.  In Metaphasia, the plotting, sinister ringleader of the twelve dancing princesses, Devilla, plans to make Angie the thirteenth princess.  This would allow Devilla to leave Metaphasia forever and trap Angie as a lifeless princess, forever stuck in Fantasy!  Will Howie find a way — with nothing but a blanket of invisibility and his own wits to help him — to rescue Angie and escape?

Claire Willians Angie
Kaitlyn Crandall Roxanna
MeghanMercier Devilla
Kendra Westrick Cleopartricia Sue Anderson
Kate Harris Geta
Hailey Harris Trishnakov
Savannah Gilson Ally McBaba
Lauren Fisher Brahma Bonnie
Megan Webb Lalya
Emma Maze Crystallina
Lexi Hooten Heirbella
Megan Swearingen Gretta Emma Lou
Mesha McClary White Crow
Grant Brown Hugh Anderson Sole Thrasher
Landon Schellin Howie
Brian McManus Woodcutter
Jacob Hagist King Aramis
Lane Hoffman Synchra Sole Thrasher
Bryce Walters Tyronne Realtor
Ben Hodson Royal Steward Sole Thrasher
Noah Jurgenson Town Crier Drew