Fine Arts

Do-Wop Wed Widing Hood

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It’s the 1950s, hula-hoops are in high demand, and so is Little Red Riding Hood!  Wise Prince Jason (Ben Hodson)(winner of the Math Olympics and the Nobel Prize), Strong Prince Justin (Bryce Walters) (who can bench press his own mother) and ordinary Loud Prince Frank (Landon Schellin) all want to woo Red Riding Hood (Katheryn Grissom).  So the king (Alex Gregory) and queen (Christine Bausman) hire the Fairy Godmother (Kelly Eby)to set three tasks for the princes.  Only the prince who can find the missing girl, defeat the dragon and awaken a castle visitor from her slumber earns the right to woo Wed Widing Hood…  that is, Red Riding Hood!  Alas, Little Red’s couch-potato parents (Devin Qualls, Ellen Hodson) don’t want to lose their little girl.  How else will they get their cookies delivered to Grandmother?  So they hire the evil queen to thwart the Fairy Godmother’s contest.  Luckily, Little Red Riding Hood’s two sisters — Big Green Riding Hood (Liv Williams)  and Medium Purple Riding Hood (Melanie Mobley) — help balance out the situation.