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This totally teen rock ’n’ roll musical puts a retro spin on the Robin Hood legend!  Jeepers!  It’s 1961, and life is just swell at Nottingham High.  Unless you come from the wrong side of the tracks, that is.  Joan Prince (Callie Shehorn), class president and big man on campus, keeps the rich Normans happy by stealing from the poor Saxons.  But things are about to change when Robin Loxley (Kierra Weber) comes back to spend her senior year at her old school.  And she (Yes, SHE!)  is one cat who will fight for justice.  With the help of Little John (Wes Williams) — the former all-state quarterback — and a team of not-so-merry men, Robin sets off to stop the awful Normans and their hateful schemes.  The task might seem straightforward, except that she finds a Norman who’s not so awful — Marion(jacob Richards) is a good guy.  (Yes, a GUY!)  As our two heroes fall in love, they realize there’s really no such thing as “us” and “them.”  Now what do they do?  Can Robin steal from the rich, give to the poor, unify the cliques, win the Hula hoop contest and still make it to prom on time?