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Lumberjacks and Weddingbelles

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Washington Territory is shy on marriageable females, so Asa, an enterprising lawyer, sails to Boston and fetches a group of prospective brides (Emma Maze, Emma Hughes, Mary Manship, Emma Manship, CourtneyKrauss).  At first the girls don’t like the rough life, especially when the belles discover they have an enemy in the horrible Scrubbs family (Hannah Peters, Lexi Hooten, Noah Jurgenson, Brigitte Mobley), consisting of cantankerous Ma, her ox of a son and Ma’s two boy-crazy daughters.  They hate lumberjacks because they cut down trees and that’s bad for “trappin’ critters.”  When the villainous (and funny) Mayor Crook (Megan Swearingen) discovers Asa is running for the Territorial Legislature, an office he aspires to, Crook conspires to discredit Asa.  Asa (Ben Hodson) and some of the ladies land in jail!  But, of course, the bad guys are defeated as all manner of musical mirth breaks out.

Lumberjacks and Wedding bells cast list-

Brooke Age- “Jennie”

Jared Davenport-“Josh”

Samantha Gregory- “Nellie”

Ben Hodson-“Asa Mercer”

Lane Hoffman- “Barney”

Lexi Hooten- “Margie Scrubbs”

Emma Hughes – “Arabella”

Noah Jurgensen- “Lum Scrubbs”

Courtney Kraus- “Charity Jones”

Mary Manship- “Mae B.”

Emma Maze- “Faith” & “Judge”

Hannah Peters- “Ma Scrubbs”

Megan Swearingen- “Mayor Ima Crook”

Bryce Walters- “Abraham”

Megan Webb- “Pie Annie”

Evan Lee- “Deputy” & “Townsman”

Emma Manship- “Hope”

Katelyn McManus- “Melissa Pendleton” & “Townswoman”

Brigitte Mobley- “Ula Scrubbs”

Camden Peters- “Luke”

Allie Russell- “Hermit”


Bill Hardwick- Director

Vanessa Van Vlymen- Student Director

Melanie Mobley- Director of Choreography


Gary Maze

Brandon Taylor

Nathan Lowe

Sam Westland


Wes Pollard

Stage managers

Kaitlin Napier

Jiaojiao Wang


Jesse Pearson

Joseph Hong


Tyler Whitecotten

Spencer Sheets

Stage Hands

Meg Davis

Christian Ramos